Rep. Crow: ‘Not even worth my brain space’ to respond to Republicans criticizing Biden Ukraine trip

Intelligence Committee member Representative Jason Crow (D-CO) joins Andrea Mitchell to weigh in on President Biden’s trip to Kyiv, as one of the House members who signed a bipartisan letter urging President Biden to send F-16’s to Ukraine. Responding to MAGA Republicans criticizing President Biden for going to Ukraine, rather than going to the southern border or East Palestine, Ohio, Crow says, “It's really not even worth my brain space to spend time responding to fools.” He adds, “These people know nothing about national security and foreign policy. They don't understand that it's in our strategic interests and our security interests and the American people's interests to have a stable, prosperous and free Europe and a free world, and that's what this fight is about. And that it’s not mutually exclusive either.”