Rep. George Santos allegedly used fake name to bilk Jewish people

Rep. George Santos used a phony name he thought sounded Jewish in one of his schemes, saying “the Jews will give more if you’re a Jew,” a former roommate says.

Santos allegedly used the fake moniker to raise money for an animal charity that doesn’t seem to exist.

According to his former roommate Gregory Morey-Parker, Santos called himself Anthony Zabrovsky when hitting up Jewish people for money.

“He would say ... the Jews will give more if you’re a Jew,’” Morey-Parker told CNN on Tuesday.

The claim came shortly after Santos was reportedly appointed to the House Committee on Small Business and the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

“That is the name he used for his GoFundMes,” Morey-Parker said.

Weeks after Santos was elected in November, a New York Times report found he’d lied about his involvement in schools he never attended, Wall Street companies where he was never employed and a dog rescue charity that saved 2,500 animals. His claims to being Jewish were also found to be phony.

Santos was accused of conning a Navy veteran out of $3,000 for a lifesaving operation for his service dog, who reportedly died as a result of the alleged scam. The congressman, who allegedly used the alias Anthony Devolder in the scheme, denies stealing those funds.

“Everything he said to me was a lie,” his roommate of roughly four months told CNN.

Santos has refused to step down from office.