Rep. Joe Wilson calls on Biden to resign after Afghanistan withdrawal

Sep. 1—U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson on Tuesday called for the resignations of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as the firing of three top administration officials: the secretary of defense, the secretary of state and the national security adviser.

Their departures are necessary, the South Carolina Republican said in a statement, because of repeated failures in leadership, most recently evinced by the the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the abandonment "of Americans and thousands of allies to face a murderous fate" there. More than 100 Americans were reportedly left behind.

"As a member of Congress who has traveled with Joe Biden to Iraq and Germany," Wilson said, "I believe he knows this is catastrophic."

"When this withdrawal results in an attack at home and the murder of American families, it is clear that the current government will not be able to respond responsibly," he continued. "This is not peace in our time."

Wilson is far from the only lawmaker demanding Biden's exit; South Carolina's Jeff Duncan, a Republican representing the 3rd Congressional District, supports impeachment, and Tom Rice, a Republican representing the 7th Congressional District, has said the president must resign and "turn the job over to someone who can handle it."

Biden in a White House address Tuesday defended his decision to end the 20-year war in Afghanistan and described evacuation efforts in Kabul as an "extraordinary success."

"We completed one of the biggest airlifts in history," Biden said, "with more than 120,000 people evacuated to safety."

Thirteen U.S. service members were killed last week in a bombing outside the Kabul airport, the epicenter of the American exodus. In the wake of that attack, Wilson said the president's choices were "endangering American families."