Rep. Kinzinger: “I guarantee you someone is going to try this again. Maybe Trump himself”

New reports this week confirmed that Donald Trump is a subject of the Department of Justice’s investigation into the January 6th insurrection. And although a criminal case hasn’t been opened against the former president yet, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a member of the January 6th committee, says that the DOJ should “absolutely” move forward with it. “We never want to get in a position where the new administration prosecutes the last administration, ever,” he tells Michael Steele. “But it is very different when there is an attempted coup…This has to be pursued.” The January 6th committee has finished its series of public hearings for the summer, but Rep. Kinzinger adds that “there is a lot more to go.” In recent days, the committee has met with a pair of former Trump administration officials, and there’s reports that they’re in negotiations to meet with several others. “We do have people now that say they want to put in their side,” he says.