Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene holds a press conference after being reinstated on Twitter

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., held a press conference in her congressional office on Tuesday afternoon, after her 12-hour suspension for posting coronavirus misinformation on Twitter was lifted. Greene said, "I will not stop tweeting. I will not stop posting. I will not stop asking questions."

Video Transcript

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: I'm an elected member of Congress. I represent Georgia's 14th District. My voice is the elected voice for my district. But yet, Twitter wants to suspend me. And people all over Twitter-verse are cheering and saying I should be kicked off. And this is completely wrong.

Imagine this-- not too long ago, I was sued by a Communist PAC for banning them from my page because of the horrible nasty things they were saying to me on my Twitter page. And they sued me because-- you want to know what they said? They said they could not, uh, see what I was saying.

By being banned from that-- from my Twitter page, I was I was stopping their First Amendment. And they couldn't see what I was saying. Therefore, they couldn't participate. But yet, Twitter suspended me for 12 hours.

So you know what that really means? That-- that bans everyone from seeing what I had to say. So what should-- should this PAC sue Twitter now? Should people sue Twitter because they're banning my voice?

You see, it's a hypocrisy. And these are the things that we can't allow to stand. And I will not stop speaking. I will not stop tweeting. I will not stop posting. I will not stop asking questions because if you have members of Congress that aren't asking questions, then I don't know what kind of country, uh, we're going to have.