Rep. Tlaib on incoming QAnon congresswoman: ‘If anything, I could probably teach her one or two things’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., discusses how she and other progressive Democrats are preparing to work alongside newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has publicly endorsed the far-right QAnon conspiracy.

Video Transcript

ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: At some point I'm sure you'll cross pacts with Marjorie Taylor Greene, who had some strong words about you and some of your fellow progressives and also is a QAnon supporter. How do you work with someone like her or Lauren Boebert in Colorado?

RASHIDA TLAIB: I wonder if people ask her that question, if they ask her that question of, hey, you're going to go and meet with-- are you going to work with [? DSA ?] member elect Rashida Tlaib? People don't ask some of these other folks how they're going to address it.

I'll tell you very clearly, no one scares me. No one's going to bully me from stopping to represent my district, including her or anyone that tries to hinder or stop me for fighting for economic justice, for environmental justice, for racial justice, all these issues that are really important to my district. No one's going to-- including the president, current president-- stop me from pushing back against those injustices.

And no new member that comes in that may spread out lies that are very hurtful and painful for our nation. But I'm not going to make my work stop and hinder and try to fix that. I'm not here to do that. I'm here to represent my district, and I'm going to continue to outwork the hate.

ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: What do you make of the fact that they've welcomed at least two QAnon supporters into their conference [INAUDIBLE]?

RASHIDA TLAIB: I don't know who welcomed-- I'm telling you, the district elected these folks. They're duly elected. We're going to have to reconcile at some point. But I can tell you, it doesn't change my policy agenda or the way I approach public service. If anything, I could probably teach her one or two things of how to represent people in need.