Rep. Tom Reed apologizes and plans to retire following misconduct claim

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U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y., has ruled out a challenge to embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo after reports of his own sexual misconduct surfaced.

First elected in 2010, the moderate upstate congressman announced he won’t seek any elected office in 2022 after a former female lobbyist came forward with claims that he drunkenly fondled her during a party four years ago.

Nicolette Davis said Reed unhooked her bra and touched her thigh while the two were in a Minneapolis pub during an event in 2017.

After first declaring the allegation was inaccurate, Reed, 49, said in a statement that the incident occurred “at a time in my life in which I was struggling.” He said he entered treatment that year and realized he was “powerless over alcohol.”

Reed went on to apologize in a statement released on Sunday night.

“I was wrong, I am sorry, and I take full responsibility.”

“Consistent with my recovery, I publicly take ownership of my past actions, offer this amends and humbly apologize again to Ms. Davis, my wife and kids, loved ones, and to all of you,” Reed said.

Earlier this year, Reed considered running against Cuomo and was one of many politicians from the Empire State demanding the governor step down following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct.

The lawmaker cited an obscure pledge he once made not to serve more than six terms, but the timing of the announcement left little doubt that it was related to Davis’ misconduct claim.

Reed voted against impeaching former President Donald Trump in January but voted in favor of certifying the 2020 election of Democrat Joe Biden.