Repairs made at PCWA water treatment plant

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Jun. 7—Pittsburg County commissioners said Monday repairs were made to the Pittsburg County Water Authority water treatment plant — and hopefully all customers should have water once the towers fill.

The PCWA provides treated water to Hartshorne, Haileyville and customers of the rural Adamson Water Distribution Company. The Adamson Water Distribution Company supplies water to rural water customers in Pittsburg County, extending as far as Blanco and Russelville.

District 2 Commissioner Kevin Smith said the problem centered around a broken 12-inch T-line at the PCWA's water treatment plant, which is in Adamson. He said said PCWA sent someone to Dallas to pick up the parts needed for repairs.

"They hooked it up at 10 p.m. on Saturday night," Smith said.

That started the process of restoring water to customers, with some PCWA customers having water service restored overnight Saturday night. However, the process proved longer for others. Water towers in Hartshorne and Haileyville had to refill, along with water towers in some rural areas.

While some had water service restored overnight Saturday night into early Sunday, there were still some people without water toward the ends of the water lines as of Monday morning.

Smith said there a few houses beyond his in the rural Blanco area which were still without water early Monday, including Commissioners' Clerk Holly Sweetin.

Smith said he had less-than-full pressure at his home early Monday, but he was glad to get it.

"I got it at 4 this morning," Smith said Monday.

Pittsburg County commissioners expected to hear more about the issues during a previously-scheduled meeting with the PCWA on Monday afternoon.

All three country commissioners serve on the Pittsburg County Water Authority Board, along with representatives from the entities served by the PCWA.

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