Replay review in Rangers-Angels confirms call

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — An instant replay review in the exhibition game between the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels has confirmed the umpire's call.

J.B. Shuck of the Angels made a headfirst dive into second base on a stolen base try in the seventh inning Tuesday and was ruled safe.

The review took 90 seconds and upheld the call.

"It won't always be that easy," Texas manager Ron Washington said.

Major League Baseball has expanded its replay system to cover most calls other than balls-and-strikes. The format is being tested this month, and the Rangers-Angels game was the only one in spring training Tuesday where the system was in place.

The replays began Monday at three parks, and there were a total of three plays that got another look. The reviews each took about 2 1-2 minutes, and the umpire's call was upheld each time.