Report: Agencies to boycott NCAA demands that agents take tests tied to 'Rich Paul rule'

The NCAA may be forced to back down again with agents reportedly lining up against a requirement attached to the since rescinded "Rich Paul rule." (Getty)

In August, the NCAA announced new rules for agents looking to represent prospective NBA players testing draft waters while maintaining their college eligibility.

One rule required that agents have college degrees and was dubbed the “Rich Paul rule” with the belief that it was aimed at the powerful NBA agent who represents LeBron James and numerous other high-profile players and doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree.

The NCAA quickly reversed course after widespread criticism of the rule, rescinding the requirement of a bachelor’s degree.

Agencies reportedly aligning against NCAA

But now it reportedly finds itself under fire from several agencies over a stipulation mandating that agents take in-person exams at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, “major firms” and “others” are planning to not participate in the testing that’s scheduled for Nov. 6.

Will NCAA cave again?

James, Paul and several prominent media voices were among the critics who pressured the NCAA to reverse course on the bachelor’s degree requirement.

Now if player agents from “both top and small firms” are aligning against the NCAA, it appears the agency won’t have much choice but to back down on the testing requirement as well.

If they don’t, there might not be anybody competent available to represent these NBA prospects.

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