Report: Former NFL player dies by suicide after fatally shooting 5

Dan Bernstein and Leila Rahimi were joined by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk to discuss the report that former NFL player Phillip Adams has died by suicide after fatally shooting five people.

Video Transcript


LEILA RAHIMI: We have a developing story when it comes to Phillip Adams and the reports via the Associated Press, and Pro Football Talk published it, as well, about him being part of a really disturbing story, killing five people and then himself. A sixth person is reportedly in the hospital with serious gunshot wounds. What's the latest that we know about this, as we continue to get more information?

MIKE FLORIO: Yeah, what's been reported by the AP and limited information that's been disclosed by authorities-- and it really is horrific-- a doctor who's practiced for 35 years in Rock Hill, South Carolina, him, his wife, two grandchildren, another person shot and killed by Phillip Adams, who later committed suicide. And that's really all we know. And it is horrifying at this point. He's a guy who played in the league for several years.

It's a name that I, frankly, didn't recall. There are so many guys who come and go and spend time in the league. But when you see it, it's always a shock. It would have made national news regardless of who was involved. But the fact that it was a former NFL player is going to give it a higher level of notoriety. And we just wait to see what more details are ever going to become available, if any. Who knows how this all plays out and what the story is behind it.

And you know, it's a shame, because underpinning so many of these mass shootings is the scourge of mental illness, which is not taken seriously enough by our society. It's-- it's a major problem in our society. And it seems like, once a week, we're dealing with one of these issues where multiple people are shot and killed by someone who clearly is dealing with some form of mental illness. And it's extremely unfortunate.