Report: Jonji fills in for Chaos; Bad News Bears disband

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Bad News Bears disbanded on Tuesday after two players left the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

Michael "dapr" Gulino announced his departure to pursue a career in Valorant, and Jonathan "Jonji" Carey exited to serve as a fill-in for Nathan "leaf" Orf on Chaos Esports Club's CS:GO roster. Orf left Chaos to join Cloud9's Valorant squad, according to

Will "dazzle" Loafman announced on Twitter: "Bad News Bears are disbanding due to players receiving other opportunities. i love counterstrike, no game can ever replace it for me. Even if the chances to make money are better in Valorant, i'm not going to switch as of right now. I'll continue grinding the game i love"

dapr, 21, tweeted, "team disbanded and ultimately I decided the best decision for me personally would be to switch over to Valorant instead of being in the bottom pro league loop I've been in for the last couple years - I wouldn't trade all the memorys good and bad for anything at the end of the day"

Last week, Bad New Bears tied for ninth place in the ESL One: Road to Rio - North America event. The team, formed in August 2018 as Test Takers, changed its name to Bad News Bears in January 2019. The side tied for first in the ESEA Season 33: Premier Division - North America in March.

Chaos confirmed Jonji's arrival, posting on Twitter, "MDL Grind continues against AA @leaf_cs will no longer be trialing with us and @Jonji_Cs will be taking his place, starting with today's match!"

Chaos subsequently defeated AA 16-6 on Inferno to improve to 4-1 in the Mountain Dew-sponsored ESEA Season 34: Premier Division - North America. Jonji, a 20-year-old Canadian, had 22 kills in the victory. reported that Gage "Infinite" Green is also joining leaf on Cloud9's Valorant team. Infinite is a former CS:GO player who most recently competed for Orgless after stints with Chaos, Swole Patrol, Bad News Bears and other squads.

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