Report: Ryan Fitzpatrick stands out in Miami OTAs, so far

Mike Florio

The new-look Dolphins have a new coaching staff and new quarterbacks. During this year’s OTAs, the new quarterbacks are looking better than last year’s collection of throwers.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald breaks down the early performances of veteran newcomer Ryan Fitzpatrick and second-year newcomer Josh Rosen.

Citing an unnamed player who for obvious reasons didn’t want to speak publicly, Jackson writes that “Fitzpatrick has been the best of the quarterbacks so far,”  but that Rosen “also has played well.”

Fitzpatrick, per Jackson, has looked particularly good when throwing the ball deep (which he did effectively for Tampa Bay in 2018). Rosen has been effective “in the middle of the field.”

The competition at quarterback supposedly is open, but at some point the Dolphins need to see what Rosen can do in order to determine whether he’s the long-term answer, or whether they need to keep looking for the true franchise quarterback that the franchise has lacked since Dan Marino retired 20 years ago.