Report: Officer involved in altercation with Masai Ujiri isn't telling the truth

While the Alameda County Sheriff’s office is reportedly pursuing a misdemeanor charge against Masai Ujiri, a new report suggests the Toronto Raptors president may not have done anything wrong.

Shortly after the Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors to win their first NBA title in franchise history, reports that Ujiri was involved in an altercation with a Sheriff’s deputy began to surface.

According to the Sheriff’s deputy, Ujiri was attempting to get on the court without credentials in order to join the Raptors’ celebration. When Ujiri was asked for his credentials, he reportedly pushed the Sheriff’s deputy and struck the officer in the face.

A video published by NBC Bay Area appears to show people separating Ujiri from the Sheriff’s deputy after some kind of altercation.

But as the investigation continues, a report from Bob Gillies, Chief of Bureau for The Associated Press in Canada, seems to refute the notion that Ujiri was responsible for this altercation.

In fact, Gillies’ reporting seems to suggest the police may be attempting to cover up for the Sheriff’s deputy.

When Gillies began to share Wiener’s account on Twitter, a few of his followers responded on the thread with video footage that may completely disprove the Sheriff deputy’s story.

On Friday, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, Sgt. Ray Kelly, said that they “took the high road” in the moment, deciding it wasn’t in their best interest to detain Ujiri before the trophy ceremony, but still plan to submit a complaint.

While somewhat silly it appears this story won’t yet die, but there should be plenty of eye-witness accounts, along with this video footage, to help the authorities get to the bottom of this.

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