Reporter Update: Concerns In Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine To The Asian Community

KDKA's Bryant Reed has more on the concerns, including a language barrier, in getting the coronavirus vaccine to the local Asian community.

Video Transcript

BRYANT REED: Hey, guys. Bryant Reed, KDKA here. Happy Friday, first and foremost. But today, we're talking about vaccines. I know, it seems like it's on the mind every day. But we're talking more specifically today about the Asian community.

They're a community that people might not necessarily think about when it comes to being disproportionately affected. And it's not because they're scared to take the vaccine, like some are. It's because of a language barrier. A lot of them are-- English is their second language. So they struggle to navigate and find where and how to get a vaccine shot.

So coming up later tonight, I'll have the concerns from the Asian community, and also, what needs to be done to make sure that they can get a shot in their arm.