Reporter Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Delay

A doctor is beyond frustrated with the vaccine rollout after she had to delay a clinic because the vaccine didn’t come this week. She’s hoping to have the clinic next weekend. KDKA's Chris Hoffman will have the full story later tonight on KDKA-TV News and CBSN Pittsburgh.

Video Transcript

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Hey, everyone Chris Hoffman, KDKA here. Well, there was supposed to be a second dose clinic of the Moderna vaccine happening at the Allegheny County Medical Society today for health care workers and other people as part of phase 1A, but it had to be postponed. The direct primary care doctors that were setting it up say they never got the vaccines they requested. They put in for it, but it says at this point, shipment is still pending. So they're hoping those vaccines arrive this week so they can do it next weekend. So at this point, those 300 people, they've been delayed.

And it's beyond frustration for some of these doctors at this point, because there are some they've had to postpone or even cancel, other clinics impacting hundreds, almost thousands of other people. They say the process has become very frustrating, whereas they were hopeful with getting the shots into arms. Now it's become frustrating because of other issues they are dealing with, just trying to get the vaccine.

We'll hear from one of those doctors coming up a little bit later on air and online with KDKA to hear what they're dealing with, with trying to get people to COVID-19 vaccine in our area.