Reporter Update: Holy Week Services

As churches celebrate Holy Week, they are taking safety measures to do their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. KDKA's Chris Hoffman will have the full story later today on KDKA-TV News and CBSN Pittsburgh.

Video Transcript

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Good morning, everyone. Chris Hoffman, KDKA, here outside of St. Paul's Cathedral in Oakland. Now, it's the beginning of Holy Week, Palm Sunday, and many people will be flocking to churches this week across our area. So we're talking about some of the restrictions they might have in place. For instance, going into churches in the diocese of Pittsburgh and Greensboro, there will be social distancing. There will be mask wearing.

If you don't feel safe or if churches reach their capacity, there will be live streams provided by the diocese on their website. Now looking forward to next week, with the diocese of Greensboro on Easter Sunday, they'll be televising their services. So actually we'll be right here on the Pittsburgh CW. We have more details on our website and app.