Reporter Update: Officials Investigating 2 Suspicious Fires In Beltzhoover

While firefighters were battling a blaze in Beltzhoover, another one broke out nearby; KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.

Video Transcript

NICOLE FORD: Hey, everyone. Nicole Ford with KDKA News. Were on Beltzhoover Avenue, talking about a fire that broke out this morning. I want you to take a look. There's three homes here right in a row. This first one where public safety believes that fire originated. Two more homes on the other side.

I talked to one of the neighbors here, who says that in the 30 years that he's lived here, he's never seen anyone that has lived inside that home and has been here. So he's not quite sure how this fire could have started. Then while firefighters were here fighting this blaze, down this road and over one block, another fire broke out. That was about 2:30 this morning.

Public safety is saying all of these fires considered suspicious. Coming up on KDKA, we're talking to one of the neighbors who lives next door to the other fire that broke out on how he got out of the home and what his thoughts are moving forward if the city doesn't clean up some of these abandoned properties. It's all coming up on KDKA.