Reporter Update: Pa. AG's Office Gets Involved With Local Door-To-Door Meat Sales Company

Customers say they're filing complaints with the BBB about a local door-to-door meat sales company; KDKA's Meghan Schiller reports.

Video Transcript

- Hey, it's Meghan with KDKA, and we are in North Versailles tonight. And tonight at 6:00, we are talking about a door-to-door meat sales company. We're in an old Bruster's parking lot. This is Steel City Meats. And customer say these white vans are pulling up, clearly marked, Steel City Meats. The salesperson is coming to the door and selling boxes of frozen meats, even seafood-- things like hamburger patties, all the way up to different types of steak.

I talked to a couple of customers who said they bought the product, spent hundreds of dollars, and then as soon as one had hit the grill, they said that's when the problems began. One man told me he wouldn't feed it to his dog. Another man said he didn't know what it was.

And now they're filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and the attorney general's office is involved. We're talking to the company. The company says they still stand behind their product. We're also talking to one customer who says, he's bought it for years and he plans to continue to do so.

The full story and why the attorney general's office is stepping in tonight at 6:00.