Reporter Update: Program Offering Inmates Money If Get COVID-19 Vaccine

KDKA's Meghan Schiller has more on the statewide inmate incentive program.

Video Transcript

MEGHAN SCHILLER: Hey, it's Meghan with KDKA taking a break between writing my script to talk to you about my story at 6 o'clock. Have you heard the news that there is a new inmate incentive program offering $25 a pop for inmates to get the vaccine in state prisons? This is causing mixed reaction from people.

We talked to one woman from Cranberry who said she's been trying for weeks and weeks and weeks to get a dose. And she's not happy that people in state prison-- inmates-- are going to get it. And she had to consider going as far as North Carolina to get a shot in her arm.

We're talking with an inmate advocate about why they think that inmates should get the vaccine. And we're also talking with the man who oversees the union that represents the state corrections employees-- some 11,000 across the state-- why he said he's disgusted by the idea that the inmates would be before the employees in line for the vaccine.

The full story tonight at 6:00 on KDKA.