Reporter Update: Student Concerns At Pine Richland

Pine Richland gave the option for some students to go back to five days a week in-person for learning. A student says the majority of their class did come back, and their concern is COVID-19 cases potentially spiking. KDKA's Chris Hoffman will have the full story tonight on KDKA-TV News and CBSN Pittsburgh.

Video Transcript

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Hey, everyone. Chris Hoffman, KDKA, here. Working on a story today about the Pine-Richland School District. They opened up five days a week in-person learning to seniors and a couple grade levels in their upper elementary school. We got a couple emails from concerned students.

One of those students spoke to us anonymously and says they're just concerned that, with allowing students to come back, as many as they have, there's the concern that this could cause potential outbreaks of COVID-19. Now, the district says it's doing everything it can to make sure everyone, including staff, stays safe. They're trying to keep six foot barriers where they can.

They do realize that's not going to be as possible in some circumstances with allowing students to come back. And the CDC did say this past week that, in a classroom setting, students need to maintain at least three feet of social distancing. That's down from the six feet they had previously said.

The student's concern is just, if COVID does become an outbreak at the school, could this cancel some of their end-of-the-year activities? We did reach out to the school to see if there are any current outbreaks and if any extracurricular activities have been sidelined. At this point, we've yet to hear back. If we do, we'll let you know on-air and online.