Reporter Update: Vaccine Providers Accidentally Gave Away 2nd Shots As 1st Doses

The state says some COVID-19 vaccine providers accidentally gave away doses that were supposed to be reserved for second shots; KDKA's Chris Hoffman reports.

Video Transcript

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Hey, everyone. Chris Hoffman KDKA here working on a story. Today we learned from the State Department of Health that tens of thousands of people potentially received the wrong dose of the Moderna vaccine. The acting Secretary of health Alison Beam says some people received the second dose of the Moderna vaccine as the first dose.

She says this has become a compound problem that started in January. And this week, they kind of realized it was an issue when providers of the vaccine requested upwards of 200,000 dose-- second doses of the Moderna vaccine. For perspective, that's almost the entire allotment the state gets a first and second doses, and that's when they started realizing there was a problem here.

Now, what they are doing is they're going to start following the CDC guidelines. You can have 28 to 42 days between your first and second shot, so they can try to fix, remedy the situation. About 30,000 to 60,000 people will have their second dose delayed about a week or two. And about 30,000 to 55,000 could have their first shot appointments delayed a little as well.

Now, for the people that got the second dose as the first dose, Secretary Beam says it shouldn't have any health impacts, and it shouldn't-- you don't have to restart the vaccination process. We're going to have a lot more coming up at 4 o'clock. Also, the Allegheny County Health Department is going to be having their press conference at 4 o'clock. We're expected to hear from them about what this could mean here. So we'll have a lot more coming up throughout the day on air and online.