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Reporters booted from Georgia official's town hall

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A WRCB-TV reporter and photojournalist were kicked out of a public town hall event and threatened with arrest for trying to ask a question of U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican who has expressed support for QAnon conspiracy theories. (Jan. 28)

Video Transcript

- Um, the videos and the post--

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: I'm talking to my constituents. We're not having a press-- this isn't--

--a liberal position--


MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: --online [INAUDIBLE] purchases, as far as the control such as gun buybacks.

Learn your true history.

- Why can everyone else--

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: Here's the great thing about America--

- I'm being asked to criminally trespass you. If you don't leave, you're going to get [? banned. ?]

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: --our consitution declares that we-- God declares us equal. And our constitution affirms that, right?

- I'll call our [INAUDIBLE].

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: So we're already equal here in this country. That's the beautiful thing about America. We don't have to pass more laws and put more things in place like the 1619 agenda, the critical race theory. We're all equal anyways. And for the left to tell us that we are suffering in this country is completely wrong.