Reporters tweet their evacuation from White House press briefing room

Reporters were evacuated from the White House Tuesday afternoon after Secret Service agents interrupted spokesman Josh Earnest's daily press briefing. The reporters were escorted from the White House briefing room to the Old Executive Office Building, where the Vice President's office is. 

Just hours earlier, the Dirksen Senate Office building was given an "all clear" after the Capital Police recieved a bomb threat prompting the evacuation of the Senate building during a hearing on the Transportation Security Administration. 

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Details about the security concern that prompted the press evacuation were not immediately known,  but CNN is now reporting that it was in response to another bomb threat, this one specifically targeting the White House press briefing room. 

Reporters have now returned to the briefing room and Earnest has resumed his briefing. Below, members of the press tweet details from the scene and questions about what happened.