Reports: Tiger Woods Was In Town For Genesis Invitational Prior To Crash

The golf star was not playing because he was still recovering from back surgery. Jasmine Viel reports.

Video Transcript

JASMINE VIEL: There are outlets reporting that Woods, he had been here for the Genesis Invitational at the Riviera Country Club. This is a tournament hosted by Woods' foundation. Woods, apparently, he did not play. He was still recovering from back surgery on top of all of this. But he was there to present the award to congratulate the tournament winner.

So he has been here for a couple of days. And now this sad turn of events-- this crash in which he was injured. And it looks bad. And now, it looks worse because, again, they had to use the jaws of life through the top there to get him out of this-- out of this car. And we don't know what led up to this accident.