Republican City Council candidates looking forward to economic growth

Lindsey Hodges, Aiken Standard, S.C.
·3 min read

Apr. 14—The three Republican candidates for North Augusta City Council have all expressed love for the city they seek to represent and have ideas for ways to make it better.

Two incumbents are running, Pat Carpenter and David McGhee, and a newcomer to local politics running is Jenafer McCauley.

"So I'm running because No. 1 I just love North Augusta and I see so much potential for our area and I think I have a really strong skill set as a successful small business owner that would add value to council, and I think I can also represent a demographic of young professionals and moms as leaders for our area as well," McCauley said.

One of McCauley's main issues is the Greeneway trail and connectivity to downtown and neighborhoods in the city.

"I see the Greeneway as a strong economic driver for our area I think it's one of the hearts of North Augusta and what can also help us drive our economy, as well," McCauley said.

She wanted to see economic growth, McCauley said — more sit-down restaurants coming into the city and local small businesses opening up.

Other areas she is interested in include the expanding the downtown arts scene, maintaining historical connection throughout the city, and providing connectivity between Riverside Village and downtown.

"I want to be on council basically to help listen to our citizens, and help communicate back to them things that the city is working on," McCauley said.

Where North Augusta will shine, McCauley said, is building quality of life for people who live in the city.

Incumbent Council member David McGhee is seeking reelection after being a member since 2013.

"I love the city of North Augusta and want to participate at this level to serve the people," McGhee said in a December interview.

He expressed that he will continue to supporting construction on Public Safety headquarters project and the fire station No. 1 project, as well as continuing construction on the Greeneway.

"I want to continue serving the city of North Augusta as I have so far. I plan to continue to be a strong voice and use strong leadership to continue to work for the city of North Augusta and its citizens as we continue to move forward in some of our economic development projects," he said in December.

Carpenter was first elected to North Augusta City Council in 1993 and said she loves serving the citizens of the city in a variety of ways.

"I am very active in this community and I see lots of people every day of my life," Carpenter said, adding people know if they call her in need, she will get the job done.

"I do have a love of people. I might not have a lot of talent in my life, but the one thing God gave me was love for people and I just want every walk of life — male, female, adult, children, teenager — I want everybody to have a good life and they know if they come to Pat Carpenter, I may not can solve the problem, but I will try to find someone to help them solve their problem."

Carpenter said Public Safety projects and Riverside Village need to be completed and also mentioned infrastructure is in "great need" in the city, mentioning there have been a lot of potholes in the city recently.

She also mentioned a big project she has been working on is the effort to get a Miracle League field built in North Augusta.

"I've been coaching specials needs children almost 20 years now and I would like to see a Miracle League field here in North Augusta that we can provide for all walks of life no matter what," she said, adding that tournaments could be held bringing economic growth when people stay in North Augusta hotels and eat in North Augusta restaurants.

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