Republican Congressman Accidentally Admits There’s No Proof of Biden Corruption

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Republican Representative Nick Langworthy tried to defend the GOP investigation into Joe Biden’s alleged corruption—only to end up admitting that they still don’t have any proof.

Republicans have insisted for months that Biden is guilty of corruption and influence peddling overseas, despite producing no actual evidence. But they continue to claim they have proof that he and his son Hunter Biden accepted millions of dollars in bribes.

But Langworthy fumbled that point big time on Thursday during an interview with Fox News. Fox correspondent Gillian Turner pointed out that Republicans have yet to produce “a smoking gun: clear-cut, undeniable proof of the president’s involvement.”

Well, we’ve never claimed that we have direct money going to the president, but many members of his family have received money from foreign governments,” Langworthy said.

Turner interrupted to correct him: “That is precisely the claim that the chairman of your committee, James Comer, and also Jim Jordan have made many times,” she said, referring to House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, who alongside Comer has spearheaded the charge against Biden.

“We are putting an investigation together laying out the facts on the business dealings of this family,” Langworthy said awkwardly, trying to recover.

Langworthy did not fare much better in the rest of the interview. He also said that Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer had testified to the Oversight Committee under oath, which Turner again pointed out was not true. (And regardless of how he testified, Archer also refuted many of Republicans’ talking points against Joe Biden.)

Republicans’ main justification for continuing to investigate Biden is that they already have proof of his wrongdoing and are now just trying to expose the breadth of his crimes. Many Republicans, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are starting to suggest opening an impeachment inquiry into Biden so that they can access more information and witnesses that will lead them to the truth.

But Langworthy’s stumble reveals the actual truth: Republicans have nothing on Biden. The reason they keep pushing forward is because they are looking for something to actually substantiate their allegations.