Republican NC Congressman: House Republicans cannot fumble on Ukraine aid | Opinion

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Since President Biden took office, House Republicans have sparred with him consistently on three key issues: border security, foreign policy and reckless spending. As we continue to wrangle with the White House, our actions must be rooted in truth if we are to prove to America that we are on the wrong path.

With a few strokes of a pen, Biden created the current border crisis on his first day in office, thus he possesses the executive authority to fix it. No legislation is required. Yet, in an effort to misdirect the American public, the White House pushed to combine immigration reform with foreign aid to obscure its incompetence.

US Rep. Greg Murphy
US Rep. Greg Murphy

Despite only controlling one chamber in Congress, House Republicans have a remarkable opportunity to force the hand of a desperate president into taking unilateral action on the border, thus achieving two wins for the American people. However, we will need to consider each provision independently to garner buy-in from the entire House Republican conference.

At this crucial juncture, we cannot allow myopic isolationism that rejects the need for supporting our democratic allies against their aggressors. While we debate the merits of aid packages, we must be truthful about their impact at home and abroad.

To resist the request for foreign aid, some Republicans point to its impact on America’s ballooning debt. Indeed, our debt is a great threat to our country, but most of the funds Congress approves for Ukraine stay in America, replenishing our military with new, state-of-the-art technology and reinvigorating our defense industrial base essential to our posture against China.

Additional questions about corruption within the Ukrainian government are not unreasonable, but robust oversight has been put in place to ensure a better accounting of how our taxpayer dollars are used.

If we are to be serious about our exploding debt, we must address entitlement reform. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are a primary driver of our skyrocketing debt. This fiscal year alone, we will spend roughly $3 trillion on these programs and their cost will continue to rise tens of billions of dollars as the Baby Boomers reach retirement. Worse yet, Medicare and Social Security are set to reach insolvency within the next decade, bringing automatic steep cuts to benefits for over 100 million Americans if nothing is done.

Most in Washington sheepishly look the other way at this ticking time bomb, instead focusing their attention on savings that amount to dust on an avalanche. They righteously focus on smaller issues when they really need take a broader view.

Our exploding debt, a silent and pervasive killer of prosperity in this nation, is rapidly worsening. Nevertheless, we must recognize meaningful reform requires addressing entitlements, not curtailing vital and nation-saving aid to our allies in an increasingly bellicose, geopolitical environment. America’s fiscal future is at the mercy of mandatory spending, not aid packages that represent valuable investments in ours and the world’s freedom.

We are at a very pivotal moment in our nation’s history. President Reagan once said, “...war comes not when the forces of freedom are strong, but when they are weak.” Allowing partisan politics, including within my own party, to obstruct our ability to protect America’s national security and economic resiliency will erode our primacy on the world stage.

House Republicans must snap out of our enslavement to short-term political gain, or the death knell of the United States will soon ring.

U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy is serving his third term in Congress and represents much of eastern North Carolina.