Republican Sen. David Vitter will run for governor of Louisiana in 2015

·Political Reporter

Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter will run for governor in his home state in 2015, the lawmaker announced in a message posted on YouTube on Tuesday.

"I believe that as our next governor, I can have a bigger impact addressing the unique challenges and opportunities we face in Louisiana,” Vitter said in his statement, “helping us truly release our true potential.”

Vitter joined the Senate in 2005 after six years in the House. In 2003, Vitter considered a run for the governor but decided against it after citing family issues. Four years later, he turned down the opportunity again, which created an opening for Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is now in his second term. (Jindal is considering a possible run for president in 2016.)

In his campaign announcement on Tuesday, Vitter said his run for governor would be the last election he seeks.

"This will be my last political job, elected or appointed,” he said. “Period."

His departure will provide an opportunity for Democrats to recapture the Senate seat, which until Vitter, had been held consistently by Democrats since 1883.

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