Republican voters at Valdosta, Ga., rally believe Trump will be sworn in for 2nd term despite loss to Biden

Georgia Republicans are facing a dilemma at a historic turning point in their state’s politics, having to choose between loyalty to their party and loyalty to their party’s national leader — President Trump, who will be out of office next month. On Saturday, Trump headlined a rally in Valdosta for the two GOP senators seeking to retain their seats. He encouraged Georgians to vote for them but spent most of his 90-minute speech on baseless claims of misconduct by Georgia election officials, blaming them for his own loss in the state.

Many rally attendees told Yahoo News that they fully expected Trump to be sworn in for a second time in January. “I don’t believe that Biden won [the election],” Miles Cook, 53, said. “I think it’s been cheated and I think Trump will become the next president.”

Video Transcript


- Would you say you're more loyal to President Trump or the Republican party?

- President Trump. I'm a conservative. I'm more conservative than Republican.


- I don't believe that Biden won. I think that it's been cheated, and I think that Trump will become the president.

- I think we feel that for the time being, we just kind of get through this. We just-- we vote for these two candidates that didn't make it, for whatever reason. We just have to get through it.

- OK.

- And then, as long as Trump stays president, then we're going to get rid of 'em.

- So you think Trump's going to stay in office, even though--

- He better.

- What about the fact that most states are saying Biden won the electoral college.

- Listen to Rudy Giuliani or--


- This is QAnon, right?

- This is QAnon.

- I think they say that if you win Florida and if you win Ohio, in history you've never lost an election. This has got to be a first time. But the truth is they were right. We've never lost an election. We're winning this election.


- I'm fighting for this country to make sure it stays America and not Ameri-Cuba. I'm just hear to support what's going on. Because we see the fraud. It's amazing that they wanted to go to court to impeach him for three years and they had no evidence. We have all kinds of evidence, and now they're saying there's no evidence. I mean, it's cynical. I mean, it's like they're Ray Charles and the truth. Remember this. At the end of all this, January 20, you will see Trump being sworn in again. / going to be absolutely brilliant, because Trump has never let them beat him on any situation before, from the impeachment, every situation Trump has won. He's had four years to prepare for this moment. Trust me, he's not going to let Wile E. Coyote beat him on the biggest stage there is now.