Republicans in Illinois General Assembly propose property tax relief

CHICAGO - Republicans in the Illinois General Assembly say they're fighting the burden placed on homeowners and are calling for statewide property tax relief.

State representatives from Geneva and Mokena and a former representative from Plainfield laid out their plan on Wednesday.

High property taxes create what they call "opportunity deserts," leading to greater inequality for minority communities.

They say Winnetka has far lower property tax rates than Harvey and the higher property taxes in Harvey hinder economic growth.

"It's economically feasibly impossible when you're charging four times the property tax in those areas for growth to come for people, to bring growth to those areas. I mean, it is, actually it is to me just unconscionable that we can stare at the disparity between property tax rates between parts of the state and think that it's okay," said former state rep. Mark Batinick, of Plainfield.

Batinick said the proposed measure, House Bill 4866, should not affect the rest of the state budget, but it lowers the school levy in some places by 50%.