Republicans object to Arizona vote for Biden

Republicans from the House and Senate have objected to the counting of Arizona's electoral vote, forcing votes in both chambers on Joe Biden's victory in the state. (Jan. 6 )

Video Transcript

MIKE PENCE: Are there any objections to a counting the certificate of vote of the state of Arizona, that the teller has verified appears to be regular in form and authentic?

PAUL GOSAR: Mr. Vice President, I, Paul Gosar from Arizona--

MIKE PENCE: For what purpose does the gentleman from Arizona rise?

PAUL GOSAR: I rise up, both for myself and 60 of my colleagues, to object to the counting of the electoral ballots from Arizona.

MIKE PENCE: Is the objection in writing and signed by a Senator?

- Yes it is.

TED CRUZ: It is.



MIKE PENCE: Are there further objections to the certificates from the state of Arizona? The chair hears none. The two houses will withdraw from joint session. Each house will deliberate separately on the pending objection, and report its decision back to the joint session. The Senate will now retire to its chamber.

STEVE SCALISE: I rise today to object to a number of states that did not follow the constitutional requirement for selecting electors. Madame Speaker, this is something that is clear that our Founding Fathers debated about as a fundamental decision of how we choose our president. There was a lot of back and forth, if anyone reads the founding documents of our country, about the different versions they went through to ultimately come up with a process where each state has elections, each state has a process for selecting their electors and sending them to Washington. And Madame Speaker, in a number of those states, that constitutional process was not followed. And that's why we're here to object.