Rescue Takes a Chance on 'Aggressive' Dog Who's About to Be Euthanized and the Result Is Incredible

Every single dog deserves a chance!

When your circumstances suddenly take a turn for the worse, it is natural to lash out because of a new and negative environment. This does not mean those who lash out should be punished—it simply that they need a better environment to bring out their wonderful personality. One pup had a similar experience, and the result could have been terrible if not for the intervention of a rescue and a dog trainer.

TikTok user @thedogdaddyofficial is a dog trainer who offers his services for free to shelters and rescues to help dogs get adopted. He recently shared a video of a Border Collie named Rocco who was scheduled to be euthanized because of his 'aggression' but was saved by AGWC Rockin' Rescue in California. This trainer is providing his services for free to help Rocco overcome his fears and get him ready for adoption. Check out the video to see this pup's story and his incredible transformation!

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OMG, Rocco's transformation is astounding! It's amazing how much better he is doing thanks to the compassion and kindness of this trainer. Because of him, Rocco has a great chance of being adopted and living a long and peaceful life!

People in the comments are so happy that Rocco is improving but are upset over the circumstances that led him here. @randybroadway465 said, "Sweet baby, he just needed someone to take the time to help," and @holisticwellnesschels commented, "This breaks my heart. Border collies are SO intelligent and need so much stimulation. I hope he finds his forever home." Now that Rocco is doing so much better, we're sure he will have no trouble finding someone to fall in love with him!

Others are praising the trainer for changing Rocco's life and providing his serves for free. @the_one_with_the_flareup commented, "This is everything! Thank you for helping him! Breaks my heart to see dogs not loved!" Another user,, said, "Thank you so much for taking the time and patience to finding the good boy within." People like this trainer who dedicate their time and money to helping animals that others have given up on are inspiring.

We're so excited for Rocco to find his forever family! Once he finishes his training, we know someone will want to adopt him. We can tell that underneath his fear, Rocco is a sweet and smart boy that wants to be loved.

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