Rescued calves have a ball learning to drink from a hose

These calves have just found a second chance at life. They were living on a beef farm, destined to end up on a butcher's block within months. But the slaughterhouses in Texas shut down due to Covid 19 and the farmer who owned them was unable to take them to the market. He also knew that he could not afford to feed them indefinitely either. Tragically, an animal that is not marketable is considered a liability on a beef farm, and these two were simply going to be killed and buried. The owners of Black Dog Farm and Rescue got wind of what was about to happen and they hurried over to the farm to rescue these calves from a horrible fate. They bought the calves from the farmer and took them to their sanctuary. Although they are a financial liability on this farm too, it doesn't matter here in this wonderful piece of paradise. The ear tags were removed and the calves were given names; Nigel and Benny. They were shown love and affection, given treats and lots of food, and room to run and play. Nigel and Benny responded immediately to the kindness that they were shown, and they were full of joy to be able to run around like giant farm puppies. They chase each other and roll on the ground with joy every day. And something else that they are learning is how to drink from the hose. They have troughs full of fresh water at all times, but the calves are curious and when they saw the hose they wanted to know what it was all about. Like kids, drinking from the hose on a hot summer day, these two are all for the experience. Jennifer was a little generous with the spray when it was Benny's turn and he got more than he expected. But Nigel didn't let that ruin his fun! Black Dog Farm and Rescue takes the most needy and desperate animals and gives them a safe place. Follow them on Facebook, Rumble and YouTube for regular updates. They are also very grateful for any donations that can be used to help foster animals like Benny and Nigel.

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