Rescuers who rushed to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s fiery plane crash get free NASCAR tickets

Bailey Aldridge

Agencies that responded to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s fiery plane crash last week received free NASCAR tickets to Saturday night’s race.

The Carter County Sheriff’s Office, one of the responding agencies in Tennessee, posted on Facebook thanking NASCAR for giving them and the other agencies free tickets to the race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

“We had a great time with our first responder family at the BMS night race,” the sheriff’s office said. “A big thank you to NASCAR for giving us and all the agencies that responded to Dale Jr.’s plane crash free tickets!”

The crash happened in Elizabethton, Tennessee on Thursday when the plane “bounced twice on the runway before skidding into and out of a ditch, the Charlotte Observer reported.

The plane caught fire but Earnhardt Jr., his wife and 1-year-old daughter and the pilot were all able to escape without serious injuries, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Earnhardt Jr. was supposed to be broadcasting at the BMS race but decided to be with his family instead, the Charlotte Observer reported.