Research appointments aid SSU students through Clark Memorial Library

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Jan. 17—PORTSMOUTH — The Clark Memorial Library (CML) at Shawnee State University offers research appointments to students needing assistance in looking for sources or narrowing down topics for upcoming papers and projects. Throughout the appointment, librarians will show students how to navigate the CML's database while also helping the student better understand how to research their topic of choice.

"Research appointments are one-on-one or small group sessions with a librarian to help students with the research process for assignments and projects," said Marla Beebe, CML's Research & Instruction Librarian. "Whether students need help finding scholarly articles, navigating through the library's database, or figuring out what to research, we are here to help."

Students participating in research appointments gain information not just for their current project, but also to prepare them for their future research needs as they navigate their educational journey.

"These research appointments are important because they can help introduce students to library resources early in their academic career," said Beebe. "The Clark Memorial Library has an abundance of information, students sometimes just need help learning to access it."

SSU students of any major or year are able to schedule a research appointment at the CML. Librarians are ready to help students complete research for any classwork they may currently be studying or are interested in. Appointments can be held in-person or through a video conference.

"We wanted to offer appointments both online and in-person for students," said Beebe. "It was important to have a balance so that all student needs could be met."

To schedule a research appointment, students can access the registration form online at After accessing the library's page, students will be able to sign-up by choosing "Services for Students" and then selecting "Working with a Librarian". From there, students will be able to schedule a research appointment and fill in the needed information for their session.

For more information about the services and programs in the Shawnee State University Clark Memorial Library, visit

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