Researchers found the coronavirus lasted on a surgical mask for 7 days, showing how crucial it is to properly remove face coverings after wearing them (Paulina Cachero)
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    Rusty Shackleford
    They've said where a N95 mask. Then they said don't wear a mask. Then they said make your own mask. Now they're saying the virus can live on the mask for 7 days. So which one is it??? Do I wear a mask? Or get a portable Oxygen tank? Or jump in my aquarium and chill with the fish?
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    There are too many studies coming out from everyone and there too many opinions. Even politician and economists are weighing in on medical advice. This is the first time in my life that I have seen medical advice given by politicians, talk show hosts, economic advisers politicizing a pandemic.
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    Virus can be present on a surface for a long period of time, it doesn't mean it's infections all this time. Is there a more detailed study?
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    Now you can imagine how many protective gears one may need seeing the patients safely instead of wearing the same one for the whole shift and going from patient to patient. Spreading the virus and getting it also.
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    Devil Gunman
    If you have virus on your mask, chances are it's already on the way to your lung. A surgical mask doesn't effectively prevent your from viral droplet. Don't put yourself at risk. Stay home.
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    The real question is: how long does it survive on the bubble wrap that's in all the packages all of you are ordering from Amazon, coming from the very warehouses that have more and more workers testing positive every day?
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    I tried to explain this to everyday folks wearing masks. As soon as you touch them, they are contaminated. As soon as you sneeze they are wicks for infection to travel to and from you.
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    That Guy
    Is there a reason they don't promote the use of UV sanitizers that are proven to break down virus particles?
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    anybody that has ever been required to wear any type of mask or respirator understands this.... think of it like an air filter or oil filter for your car the more you cycle through it the more contaminated it gets....ddduuuhhh
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    Auntie Anne Archy
    There are a few options to sterilize your masks. 1) spray it down with Lysol (after removing, of course). 2) if using a fabric mask, wash it in hot soapy water and/or 90+% alcohol, or straight household hydrogen peroxide 3) expose it to UV3 light for a few minutes (there are air purifiers with UV3 light, and smaller, even portable UV3 units are available (on Amazon for one) that are under $50