Resident Describes Scene After Driver Careens Into Paramount Home

A driver was killed after a car slammed into a home in Paramount in the early morning hours Tuesday. Kara Finnstrom reports.

Video Transcript

DEMARCO MORGAN: --following breaking news. A neighborhood in Paramount is shaken up after a driver lost control of his car and went barreling straight into a home, and that man was killed. CBS 2's Kara Finnstrom is live on Downey Avenue and Harrison Street, where we can see some of the damage behind you. Kara, good morning to you.

KARA FINNSTROM: Good morning. Very sad story. We don't know the name, the age of the man who was killed. He was in the car that flew off of busy Downey Avenue here in Paramount and then struck the house just behind me, bounced off of it. And you can see the damage to the home, and joining us here this morning is Luis Corona. He lives here and was inside at the time. Tell us what you heard and what you saw.

LUIS CORONA: So it was like-- I think it was like 1:00 in the morning. It was like 12-something, and it was about to hit 1:00. And I was like-- I was on my phone, and all of a sudden, I was about to go to sleep, and out of nowhere, you hear a lot of-- you hear a bang. Boom! Like if it was like-- like windows collapsing together. Boom. And then I guess the roof came off and which made it even louder. Then the-- then the roof came off, and I hear another bam. And all the windows were broken from the living room. I was-- I was close to dying, because if they would have gone in, I would have for sure-- I would have for sure be dead.

KARA FINNSTROM: We're so glad that you're OK. Were you alone in the house, or did you have other family members with you?

LUIS CORONA: No, other family, but they're upstairs, and I was downstairs.

KARA FINNSTROM: So you were the only one in the immediate area when it came through. What did you see when you came outside, and when did you realize that the driver had been killed in all this?

LUIS CORONA: Well, I just-- I thought it was an earthquake for a sec. So when I woke up-- you know, when I-- as soon as I-- I got up real quick. And when I opened the door and there was glass everywhere-- and there was just a big old hole, and I was like, what the heck? And as soon as I checked the-- the window outside, you see the car flipped over with the man, like, bleeding out completely.

KARA FINNSTROM: Sorry. Such a horrible thing for you and your family to go through. Have you had any problems on this corner before? Obviously, very busy here.

LUIS CORONA: There was last time, they went on top of the grass but not-- not to my building, like all the way to the grass area. That's by far-- this is the second time, I guess you could say that. And the previous owners, the same thing happened to them. Yeah.

KARA FINNSTROM: We thank you so much for joining us here this morning. So, DeMarco, Suzanne, that crash taking place again early this morning here. One person killed, the driver of that car. Fortunately, busy area, nobody else was injured. Back to you.

DEMARCO MORGAN: And if he's right and this is the second time that this has happened, the officials need to take a look at that area there. All right, Kara, thank you for that--