Resident Describes Street Tiger Woods Crashed On As Steep, Hard On Vehicle Brakes

Neighbor Dave Olsen told Jeff Nguyen that residents of Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates is hard on drivers' brakes, and that the crash impact was probably heard by neighbors in the area.

Video Transcript

DAVE OLSEN: And one of the things maybe that-- that I didn't mention, but comes to mind, is that those of us who live in the area and travel this road, we go through brakes a lot. We spend a lot of money on brakes per year because you really need to ride them as you're going down this grade. And so as you come around, you know, you can see where-- where the yellow sign is there. There's that-- it's turning sharp to the right.

There's another knot and another right turn. So there are two more S curves as you're coming down. And again, you can hit some-- some high rates of speed. You've got some drop offs on the right and some drop offs on the left.

JEFF NGUYEN: You know, the thing that the sheriff's department has not made public is how Tiger was found. So let's be careful. We're not going to speculate or anything like that. But having said that, I mean, is it kind of remote over there? Or are there a lot of houses that people can kind of maybe hear something and call 911? Or-- talk to me about you the fact that, you know-- what's-- what's around the bend in terms of that?

DAVE OLSEN: Yeah, I mean, there are some homes that are just off. And, I mean, you can see some of the walled areas. But-- but there are some homes. And there are some areas where-- where there-- there are no homes. So, you know, it-- it's-- it's similar to what we have here. If you look on the southbound side, there's no homes as we have this ravine here.

And then there's some homes either up on hills or behind walls. I would imagine based on what I've seen that, that folks would have heard the impact of that crash and would have called it in. It isn't a situation like you would have on the other side of PV, where you can go through vast stretches with no residential structures.

JEFF NGUYEN: You had mentioned that people who live in this area go through brakes quite often. You know, if you're not careful, I mean, how-- how fast are you basically coming down that hill, and how sharp is that turn?

DAVE OLSEN: You know, if you're not braking or-- or throwing your car into a lower gear, it's-- it's easy to exceed 65. You can hit 75. And once you hit those speeds, it's-- it's-- it's a-- it's tough-- tough to control your car.