Resident in Northeastern China Hoists Food Through Window as Social Distancing Precaution

Residents in Suifenhe, a remote Chinese city along the border with Russia, have been receiving daily necessities from afar due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, footage posted to Weibo on April 20 shows.

This video shows a man attaching a blue package – described as full of vegetables – to a rope dangling from a building. The package is then hoisted up, with no need for physical interaction. The woman filming the video asks the man if he’s a postal worker, and after he acknowledges that he is, thanks him for his service.

“Suifenhe’s epidemic prevention and control are well done,” she wrote on Weibo. “You can buy vegetables without leaving home, thanks postal service! The permanent population [of Suifenhe] is less than 70,000 people, but [the city’s] doing the same as the first-tier cities!”

While other areas of China have flattened the curve of the coronavirus, Heilongjiang province, where Suifenhe is located, has reported new imported cases in April from Chinese citizens returning from Russia. As an important border town, Suifenhe has been locked down since April 8, according to local reports. Credit: via Storyful

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