Residents begin to clean up after tornado hits Newnan, GA

Several trees were down and homes damaged or destroyed as the storm hit the town overnight Thursday.

Video Transcript

KIM LEOFFLER: Daylight Friday showed the scale of devastation here in Newnan, Georgia, with dozens of homes damaged or destroyed. Edward Norton was home when the storm came through and quickly got his family into their hall bathroom.

EDWARD NORTON: It sounded like a freight train, just like they say. And it kept getting more intense and more intense. And then, all of a sudden, as I'm herding my 90-year-old mama and my wife into the hall bedroom, we heard stuff banging and falling, and all of our chimneys were coming off the top of the house.

KIM LEOFFLER: Luckily, his 102-year-old home withstood the storm.

LINDA MILLER: We don't know what tree is on us.

KIM LEOFFLER: Down the road, Linda Miller also took shelter in her bathroom, trees putting holes in her roof and covering her yard.

LINDA MILLER: I just thought, it's gonna land right on us. I never thought we'd make it out OK. And then it was over, and I said, is it safe to go out? And we came out and looked, and saw the trees down and the broken windows. And you know, [SIGHS] so just grateful to be alive, really.

KIM SMITH: Would you like a snack?

KIM LEOFFLER: Those not affected by the storm still wanted to lend a helping hand. Coweta County Schools food service worker Kim Smith was one of dozens of people on the streets of Newnan today handing out food and water to anyone who needed it.

KIM SMITH: Never seen anything like this, and if this is my way to contribute, then I'm very blessed to do it.

KIM LEOFFLER: And as the community continues to recover from this storm, people here are just thankful they made it out OK.

EDWARD NORTON: You hear about it, but you see, living through it is just like they said-- very scary.

LINDA MILLER: Lots of people have reached out to us-- friends, family. Our son and his wife are driving down from Tennessee as we speak. Can't wait to get here and just hold 'em, and tell 'em we love 'em, and grateful.

KIM LEOFFLER: The Coweta County fire chief says one person was killed as the storm came through, so definitely a very powerful and very scary storm in this area. For now, reporting in Newnan for Accuweather, I'm Kim Leoffler