Residents cleaning up after powerful storm topples trees across region

Residents across the Delaware Valley were cleaning up after a quick-hitting storm toppled trees and damaged buildings on Sunday night.

Video Transcript

- Well, today, cleanup is underway in parts of the Delaware Valley after a quick-hitting storm moved through last night. Trees were toppled. Buildings were damaged. Action News reporter Katie Katro is live in Trenton tonight with a look at the aftermath of the storm there. Hi, Katie.

KATIE KATRO: And Rick, you can see crews are still outside of this one business here in Trenton. You can see them up there in bucket trucks trying to restore power. And if I pan you all the way over to the right, you can see the roof ripped off of this business. An employee we spoke with says he was inside when that roof was torn off. Thankfully, he's OK. But the storms hit many parts of the Delaware Valley hard last night.

- Today's clean-up day.

KATIE KATRO: These are the sounds around many neighborhoods in the Delaware Valley. In Abington Township, crews have been working to chop up this massive tree as it came down with last night's storm, tearing power lines down, too. The storm tearing through parts of New Jersey. Part of the roof blew off of Stone Tech Fabrication in Trenton. An employee tells Action News there's around $6 million worth of supplies inside, and at this point, they don't know how much of that was damaged.

In West Windsor Township, Plainsboro High School South has a huge tree down on its lawn, and surrounding homes do, too. In Williamstown, New Jersey, on the 600 block of Winslow Road, we saw yard after yard with uprooted trees.

DANIEL WATKINS: I don't even know if it lasted 5, 10 minutes, and it blew all my fence down. It just blew everything all around.

KATIE KATRO: Daniel Watkins says the winds were so strong that his next-door neighbor's shed and playhouse landed in his yard.

DANIEL WATKINS: Where the shed just wrapped around the tree. It was just horrifying. [LAUGHS]

KATIE KATRO: A tree fell on his neighbor's home. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

- When I heard it, it sound like a big crack. Then it went, boom, and then it hit the house and shook the whole house.

KATIE KATRO: Neighbors say all this chaos was created in a matter of minutes.

- It was pretty scary.

KATIE KATRO: Yeah. And many employees here at Stone Tech hoping that they can return to work by the end of the week. It's just a matter of assessing all of the damage. Reporting live here in Trenton, Katie Katro, Channel 6 Action News. Shari?

- Yeah. Quite the images from where you are. Katie, thank you.