Residents say fire in Channelview sounded like explosion

"It was pretty loud," said one ABC13 viewer. "It, like, vibrated in the house."

Video Transcript

ERICA SIMON: A lot going on out here. You probably just heard it, but here down Market Street a fire truck just rushed down. That's the second or third that we've seen in the past probably 30 seconds or so.

As you guys have been seeing from the air, this smoke is still really thick, guys. It is really billowing. And it's a concern with how windy it is too down here on the ground. That's why I have a hat on. It is windy.

So some people are standing around in the parking lot where we are. They've been watching the entire thing. We spoke to a couple of guys who heard and saw the initial fire.

- I was at my house. I was just playing with my brother online when we heard the explosion. It was pretty loud. It even rocked a little bit-- it like vibrated in the house. And I would just say like three or four seconds after I heard that, I came outside and there was a big cloud of black smoke outside.

- Oh. When I came out the door, we heard like a boom and it was just flames, just flames over there. And it was just a lot of smoke. Just a lot of smoke. And then the flames just got higher.

ERICA SIMON: OK. Now, both of those gentlemen that we spoke to say they know that they live in an industrial area, but they aren't used to something like that. We're live in Channelview, Erica Simon, ABC13 "Eyewitness News."