Here's where you can volunteer or get free donations around Houston

With many places under a boil water advisory until further notice, families are scrambling to find water and food. Let us help with this list.

Video Transcript

- Tell me about your water situation at home.

- Well my power was on and off. We can't drink the water because you have to boil the water, I think until Monday. And I know Anheuser-Busch water some of the best water you can get. I retired in 2010. That's why I'm here, to get some water for my family.

- And tell me about what it's like having to boil water for every time you need it, you gotta put it on the stove and boil it.

- That's a big problem when you're boiling your water. What I do, I boil my water, sit down and let it cool, then I put it in a big container. The jugs. But I could not have water on to flush my commode was in over there. But everything-- it just-- it's just a problem, to be honest with you.

- Yeah it's a lot of work for every time you do anything, flush the toilet, or--

- You can't even make coffee at home unless you boil your water.

- Do you have water coming out of your faucets?

- Oh sure, I do. I have water. My water never did stop. I always had water. But I'm still boiling in my water, you know.

- So what do you think about this line out here? How far down in it are you?

- You know, I got here 30 minutes ago, and look at where the line is now. But some of the people that are in line I asked them, have you ever Anheuser-Busch water? It is, they know. Anheuser-Busch water some of the best water around. It's carbon filtered.

- And so a lot of people obviously showed that there's a really great need for water right now.

- Oh yes ma'am, it's a great need for water right now. You can't find water in the grocery store, at the [INAUDIBLE] or Kroger's and Walmart. You can't find water out there now.