Residents Of Hoboken, Secaucus, More Can Use New Vaccine Website

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HUDSON COUNTY, NJ — The Hudson County Vaccine Task Force, overseen by County Executive Tom DeGise and the Hudson Regional Health Commission, made several announcements about local administration of the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday, including revealing a new website for local residents to get information about the vaccine.

The Task Force said Tuesday that they have already administered 75 percent of the COVID-19 vaccines supplied to them by the state last month. They said the Hudson County Vaccine Distribution Center in Kearny is expected to get two additional shipments of the Moderna vaccine in the coming days to continue its vaccinating essential workers.

The county opened the center in Kearny last month and began vaccinating eligible health care workers, as defined on the state website.

The county then set up a second regional vaccination center in Secaucus, and smaller centers also have been set up in several towns just for those towns' residents, including in Hoboken, Secaucus, and Jersey City.

At all centers, health care workers are being vaccinated before others.

The Moderna vaccine is a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine, a new type of vaccine that doesn't include the weakened virus, but teaches human cells to make a protein that triggers the immune response (read more about that here).

The county also announced on Tuesday a new website: COVID.HCNJ.US. It directs individuals where to make vaccination appointments, lists information about testing opportunities at the County Testing Site at Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus, and shares relevant local COVID-19 data.

The vaccination centers have started with "phase 1A" workers, which include doctors, nurses, dentists, EMT's, their office staffs, mortuary workers, and similar workers.

The state is vaccinating residents in phases. The phases are:

Phase 1A — Healthcare workers and long-term care facilities
Phase 1B — Other essential workers
Phase 1C — Adults 65 and over and those with underlying medical conditions
Phase 2 — General public

Gov. Phil Murphy reportedly said Tuesday that he'd like to start vaccinating the general public by Memorial Day.

“As we enter into a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever it’s important for us to invest all of our resources into an efficient and robust vaccination program,”said County Executive Tom DeGise. “We will continue to keep Hudson County residents safe, healthy and informed through the remainder of the pandemic and ensure that everyone receives a vaccine in line with the state’s vaccination schedule.”

For more information, email

The full list of vaccination sites for health care workers throughout New Jersey can be found here.

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State trends

The state is currently in the second wave of the virus.

Just before Christmas, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said that there were 111 fatalities among residents from Tuesday to Wednesday, the highest one-day toll since July. The state also marked a seven-month record-high in terms of total coronavirus hospitalizations, with 3,841 new hospitalizations (3,612 who had tested positive and 279 who were awaiting their test results).

A total of 765 patients were in ICU beds and 485 patients were on ventilators.

On Dec. 22, 426 patients were discharged from hospitals, and 498 new patients were admitted.

As of Tuesday night, 355,000 Americans had died of the virus. (You can see which states had the highest death toll in the past week on this CDC map.)

More information about Covid-19 vaccination is available at the New Jersey Department of Health’s website at and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at

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