Residents Of A Memory Care Facility Enjoyed A Sweet Outing Today, Their First In Over A Year

A group of residents visited Krispy Kreme Doughnuts today to receive their free donut for being fully vaccinated.

Video Transcript

- Some older Coloradans got to take their first outing in a year. The residents of Highline Place in Littleton are all fully vaccinated. So they grabbed those vaccinated cards and headed to Krispy Kreme to take advantage of the offer of a free donut.

JODI CORNMAN: It's been a very long year for them, you know, not being able to have families there and basically being at the community all the time. So we're taking every opportunity we can to get out now and see the world and just have some fun.

- I love it. Director also says those residents of the memory care facility are really enjoying hugs again. Krispy Kreme giving a free donut a day to Coloradans who are fully vaccinated.