Residents optimistic as San Mateo Co. moves to CA's orange tier

"I might go back to the gym. I am vaccinated so I would go to the gym probably but still not indoor dining or bars"

Video Transcript

- Yes, it turns out green and orange go well together.

- That's, of course, true for the Irish flag. It's also true for the orange tier plus St. Patrick's Day. In Burlingame, that means you have more choices. ABC7 News reporter Amy Hollyfield is there for us. Hi, Amy.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: Hi, there. And we did find that some individuals say they aren't quite ready for the orange tier, yet. They're still choosing outdoor dining. But they're happy for the businesses and for the county for moving into the orange tier. The staff at Christie's Cafe in Burlingame is in an especially good mood this St. Patrick's Day. They're so happy they can welcome in more people today, because the county is now in the orange tier. They think this will bring a much needed boost to the business.

JULIETTE AZAR: A big of a boost to have more people in the restaurant, to sit comfortably. And it'll be like a new source of income that can come to us.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: San Mateo County is the first Bay Area county to enter the orange tier. It means gyms can increase the number of people inside from 10% to 25% of their capacity. Bars can serve customers outside. Restaurants can welcome in 50% of their capacity.

SANDEEP GUPTA: And we're really glad that we move to orange tier, now, because the businesses have suffered a lot. And I think with all the data that's coming out, it's great that the county finally opened up. And people can get back to their lives and their businesses.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: But that doesn't mean he will be rushing in to join other diners inside.

SANDEEP GUPTA: I would probably not eat indoors, yet. And as the vaccinations proceeds--

AMY HOLLYFIELD: As counties continue to open up, some Bay Area residents are still exercising caution.

LAUREN WLAZELEK: I might go back to the gym. I am vaccinated, so I might go back to the gym. But probably still not indoor dining or bars.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: But those who are ready to move forward are grateful they now have choices about where to eat and workout.

KENT KOCKOS: I think it's a great thing. I think it's a really great thing. It's about time, long overdue.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: There are also more choices for where you hang out. Entertainment venues, such as laser tag, those bounce house centers, and bowling alleys, can now open up to 25% of their capacity. Live in Burlingame, Amy Hollyfield, "ABC7 News."