Residents organize an effort to clean one of Nigeria's longest beaches

Dozens of volunteers have been working in the blistering heat to try to clear hundreds of tons of trash, including a lot of plastic waste, from the Lighthouse Beach in Lagos, Nigeria.

Video Transcript

OWOADE YUSSUF: As more Nigerians are adopting the beach lifestyle, coming to the beach would actually improve the livelihoods of the local communities here because there are more business opportunities for them. However to attract people to the beach, then you need a clean beach.

EBUBE NWOSU: Looks like this has been neglected for a very long time. Yes, a whole lot of work that needs to be done. Yes. And they have to find a way to prevent it from coming back in. So even after we're done, I'm sure we'll come back again. [INAUDIBLE] to see [INAUDIBLE]. I think it's a continuous effort.

OWOADE YUSSUF: We're going to put them there, and then going to have a recycling company come pick them up tomorrow. So every plastic here is actually going to go for recycling purposes.

CHIOMA CHUKWURA: It's time we start orienting people about how to keep the environment to look clean, especially with the whole plastics situation. We live in a society where we just, you know, throw things out of our doors and cars. And we don't think about the consequences. When the rain starts, we start, you know, screaming that the gutters are blocked, there's a lot of flooding.