Residents of Romanian town heard "hellish sounds" during Russian attack on port of Reni

Residents of the Romanian town of Galați reported "hellish sounds" on the night of 2-3 September when Russian forces attacked the Ukrainian port of Reni in Odesa Oblast.

Source: European Pravda, referring to Viața Liberă

Details: The local residents heard four to five explosions and felt vibrations similar to an earthquake.

"Tonight, after 2:00, hellish sounds were heard that made the windows shake. I think there were four to five of them, maybe less," Bogdan Radu Brînzan from the association "Galați, My City" wrote on Facebook.

"[I’m writing this] so that you stop spreading idiotic conspiracy theories that it is ‘quiet’ in Ukraine. Do you even realise what Ukrainians are going through if the sound of bombs scares you even 20 kilometres away?" he added.

The city of Galați is located 25 kilometres away from the Ukrainian city of Reni.

Background: Earlier, the Ministry of Defence of Romania stated that the Russian nighttime attacks did not pose a threat to Romania.

The Russians attacked the south of Odesa Oblast on the night of 2-3 September with 25 Shahed-136/131 combat drones.

The Ukrainian Air Force destroyed 22 drones. The Russians struck port infrastructure, which resulted in a fire that was promptly put out by firefighters. Two civilians were injured.

Maia Sandu, President of Moldova, condemned the Russian attacks on Odesa Oblast.

The port of Reni is located on the Ukrainian border with Romania, not far from the border with Moldova.

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