Residents Get Second Vaccine Dose In Last Call At Arlington's Esports Stadium Site

Wednesday afternoon was the last call for local residents to get their second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at the Esports Stadium in Arlington.

Video Transcript

- [INAUDIBLE] news, one vaccination site in Tarrant County is going to shut down. But if you didn't get out there today to get your vaccine, you do still have options. CBS 11's Rachael O'Neil brings us up to speed.

RACHAEL O'NEIL: Today was the last call for local residents to get their second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination here at the Esports Stadium. The federally-supported operation focused on providing the first doses of the vaccine six weeks ago and the second dose three weeks ago until today. More than 60,000 people received their shots over the month-and-a-half span.

While FEMA representatives say their final day of operating out of this facility is today, the community vaccination center will provide residents with second doses of their Pfizer vaccine starting Sunday at the AT&T Stadium if they miss their appointment today.

JUAN AYALA: It's been a priority for the Biden administration to make sure that as many Americans as possible have access to the vaccine. And so while the State of Texas has done a fantastic job in working to get the vaccine out, we wanted to add to their efforts and help target hard-to-reach communities.

RACHAEL O'NEIL: And starting April 11, residents will also be able to get their Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination shot, and that's going to be also at the AT&T Stadium. That lasts until April 18. Now, for more vaccination locations, you can visit In Arlington, Rachael O'Neil, CBS 11 News.